Whether the site is a school, commercial building or industrial project, we dismantle the interior of the facility and perform the demolition according to the wishes of the customer. Our demolition is done quickly and safely with minimum interruptions.

From start to finish, we ensure satisfaction. Our experienced personnel and state-of-the-art demolition equipment work together to meet your expectations.

Our cost effective, on-time work is accomplished by our professional, experienced, and well-managed team. From pre-project planning and scheduling to worry-free on-site performance, we have satisfied customers throughout southern California.

Whillock Contracting is a leader in demolition recycling. Whillock was one of the first Contractors to operate under the County's Construction and Demolition Ordinance which requires recycling of 90% of inert material such as concrete or asphalt, and 50% of all other material such as metal and wood, and was commended by the county as follows:

Whillock far exceeded the County’s expectations. Whillock source separated materials onsite and consequently recycled or reused 96% of the material from the project. Whillock recycled or reused 10860 tons of asphalt, concrete, wood, pallets, and metal out of a total generation of 11257 tons. Those recycled tons are equivalent of approximately 2172 large male African elephants or 2172 5-ton commercial trucks. That is a lot of resource savings! Only 397 of the project’s material were disposed of at Miramar Landfill.

The County considers this an exemplary project in the San Diego region and has taken action to nominate Whillock for both a State of California Waste Reduction Award as well as a local City of San Diego E.A.R.T.H. Award. Whillock’s recycling practices should be considered a model for recycling construction and demolition debris in the region.

It is no wonder we can undertake projects at a cost our competitors cannot match.

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