Showley Candy Factory 2003

The Historical Showley brothers candy factory, built in 1924, weighing 2.5 million pounds and measured at 100' x 100' x 45', was moved one block east in order to accomadate the Padre Park. Witness this awesome feat of strucural moving performed by Whillock Contracting by clicking the images below.

"In the 1990s, the future of Centre City East, renamed East Village, was in play as a long recession slowed redevelopment activity and planners at the Centre City Development Corporation considered various options. John Moores, who had acquired the San Diego Padres baseball team in 1994, began speaking of building a baseball-only ballpark, perhaps on the Lane Field site at the foot of Broadway, where the minor league Padres had played from 1936 to 1957. A mayoral task force considered numerous other locations, including next to Qualcomm Stadium in Mission Valley, and eventually endorsed Moores’ ultimate preference just east of the Gaslamp Quarter between Seventh and Tenth avenues, south of J Street. The voters added their approval in a 1998 advisory ballot measure.
But the location meant the potential demolition of several historic structures, including the candy factory, and preservationists, who had opposed the ballot measure, threatened to sue until they worked out a settlement agreement in 1999 to save or incorporate several historic buildings, including the candy factory, in the new development. The city bought the land and building through condemnation at a cost of $3.4 million and deeded it to Moores and the San Diego Padres in 2006 at no cost in recognition of their responsibility for moving and restoring the building.
While most of the historic resources were to stay in place, the candy factory stood in the path of the proposed three-acre Park at the Park green space and other planned commercial improvements. It was first proposed to be relocated to the northwest corner of the ballpark project one block west at Seventh and K, but in 2003, ballpark planners selected a site one block east at Ninth and K. On September 22, 2003, Whillock Contracting Company began the 280-foot slide east, taking six and a half hours over two days and costing approximately $3 million. Before the move, a new foundation had to be readied at the new location and the building had to be separated from its foundation. It was then lifted up by hydraulic jacks and set onto 72 mobile dollies that were connected to new steel framework and electronically linked so that they all moved in unison at the rate of about 10 feet per hour."

Source:The Journal of San Diego History

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County Maintenance Facility Demolition and Grading of New Forensic Buildings 2010

Whillock Contracting performed asbestos abatement and demolition of a concrete tilt up building. The concrete and asphalt was crushed and used as recycable base for the grading of the new medical examiner building.

"Whillock Contracting, Inc. is the private contractor responsible for the demolition of the Medical Examiner’s building. The 73,000 square foot warehouse, loading docks, and surrounding parking areas were demolished during the months of October through December of 2007. Although the building is within City of San Diego’s jurisdiction, since it is a County project, the County requested that Whillock follow the protocol of the County’s Construction and Demolition Ordinance which requires recycling of 90% of inert material such as asphalt and concrete and 50% of all other material such as metal and wood.
Whillock far exceeded the County’s expectations. Whillock source separated materials onsite and consequently recycled or reused 96% of the material from the project. Whillock recycled or reused 10,860 tons of asphalt, concrete, wood, pallets, and metal out of a total generation of 11,257 tons. Those recycled tons are the equivalent of approximately 2,172 large male African elephants or 2,172 5-ton commercial trucks. That is a lot of resource savings! Only 397 tons of the project’s material were disposed of at Miramar Landfill.
The County considers this an exemplary project in the San Diego region and has taken action to nominate Whillock for both a State of California Waste Reduction Award as well as a lock City of San Diego E.A.R.T.H. Award. Whillock’s recycling practices should be considered a model for recycling construction and demolition debris in the region."

Source: County of San Diego's Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Update. 2008


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SeaWorld Dolphin Exhibit Remodel 2010

Whillock demolished and graded the old Dolphin Show stadium and support buildings at SeaWorld for the building of the SeaWorld San Diego Blue Horizons Dolphin Show. This consisted of the removal of building trash, concrete, and landscaping. Inert materials, asphalt and concrete, were crushed on site and recycled in an effort to keep this project in compliance with all the applicable construction and demolition ordanances. Grading of the site for the new attraction helped make the Dolphin Show ADA compliant and much more accesable to all guests. The work performed by Whillock has created a relationship with SeaWorld and thier contractors and Whillock has been called back on many occasions for similar work throughout the park.

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Earthquake Damaged Church Demolition 2010

The Christian Community Church in El Centro was damaged beyond repair by an earthquake 2010. Asbestos abatement and demolition of the concrete building were necessary because the building had become unsafe. Whillock crushed the concrete and asphalt into recycable base on site and reused the material for the grading.

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Buckman Springs Rest Area Complete Renovation 2010

Th rebuilding of the Buckman Springs Rest Area was a Caltrans Project. The rest area was being rebuilt for ADA access. On this project Whillock was the General Contarctor resposible for the management of constructing a new rest area from the underground utilities to the finished buildings. Whillock abated and demolished the existing restrooms and surrounding concrete. We graded and compacted per plans for two rest rooms. Then began construction for the new rest area. That work included building slabs, block walls, plumbing, electrical, all the rest room fixtures, tile work, etc. We also installed all the exterior flatwork per ADA standards. Exterior work included drinking fountains, streetlights, flagpoles, signage, monuments and landscape. Now this rest area serves as a convenient stop for hundreds of visitors a week off interstate 8 just east of Pine Valley California.

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Picacho / Colorado River Boat Ramp and ADA Restrooms 2010

The Picacho Boat Ramp project job was unique because it was 21 miles from nearest paved road. That meant Whillock had to transport all equipment, including machines, materials and manpower, overall clearing, grubbing, and grading necessary for construction of concrete boat ramp and installation of ADA restrooms and sidewalks.

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Railroad Work

Whillock Contracting has been involved in many Railroad Projects. These projects have ranged from the recovery of derailed railroad cars to the repair of tracks in remote areas east of San Diego. Whillock equipment necessary to provide these services were loaded on raolroad cars and transported to various locations. The equipment was off loaded for use in some cases and in others, the equipment was operated while still traveling on the railroad car. See the photos (click below) to view this unusual, yet interesting area of work.

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Picacho / Colorado River